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Normal in southeastern Michigan, Flint has a muggy mainland atmosphere. Winters are icy, with direct snowfall and temperatures not transcending solidifying on a normal 52 days every year, while dropping to 0 °F or beneath on a normal 9.3 days a year; summers are warm to hot with temperatures surpassing 90 °F on 9 days. The month to month every day mean temperature ranges from 22 °F in January to 71 °F in July.

The normal window for solidifying temperatures is October 8 through May 7, permitting a developing period of 153 days. Precipitation is direct and fairly uniformly circulated consistently, despite the fact that the hotter months normal all the more, averaging 31 inches every year, except truly going from 18″ in 1963 to 45.38″ in 1975.  Snowfall, which regularly falls in quantifiable sums between November 12 through April 9 midpoints 43″ per season, albeit verifiably going from 16″ in 1944−45 to 84″ in 2013−14.